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January Events

We have a great Dinning Room for such occasions.
Birthday? Wedding Reception?
Good Old Fashion Get Together?
Order your food buffet style. We can help you figure everything out and make it a great Day/Night. Call in advance.

Annual Costume Contest

Be the next to Bring home the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place cash prizes!! 

Let's Get Ready to Bring in A NEW YEAR!!
We have had an amazing year. There has been Weddings, Babies, and even some passing's... But with all of this going on, we only have the future to look at. So lets keep our eyes forward and our hopes high. Because the future is bright.

​Grab your Lover, Brother, Sister, Mother, Friend, Co-worker or anyone you know and give them a hug, a smile, a "thank You", or even a Kiss! You never know what the future holds!

We also have a BCA League.
4/5 person 8 ball & 3/5 person 9 ball teams.
We only play local bars
(Astoria, Warrenton, Hammond,
sometimes Seaside)
every Monday at 7pm during league.
If you would like to join.
Stop in or give us a call.

Every Wednesday
Throughout July and August
from 8pm to Midnight

Every Friday and Saturday
from 9pm to 1am
Don't Forget To Get Your
For Valentine's Day!

Dinner Specials start at 5:30pm
​Call for Dinner Specials